Saturday, 3 June 2017

I'll See You Down the Line

Gang! I am poking my head out of my uni book for a little post, because as is happening quite a lot lately, it's a long time between posts! Can we not talk about that fact that it is now June -_- this year has absolutely flown by.  Chrissy and I headed to Vietnam in Feb and spent 7 nights in Hoi An. Wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it after seeing a rat the size of a small kangaroo as we were having dinner on our first night, but I gotta say, I absolutely fell in love and I cannot wait to get back. The Riverside Villa where we stayed was just magic (thanks for the recommendation Charlotte!!), the food was divine and of course I absolutely loved the shopping!! 

I started a new job after things ended at my last one a few weeks ago. That was a tough few weeks on me, as things didn't really go the way I planned, and I've also come to a bit of a crossroads on whether to go ahead with uni.

At the same time, my beloved grandma passed away at the end of April. I say it came as a shock to us, but she was 92 so she had a long and loving life. She was also really practical about it, she had planned out everything she wanted when the time came which was really nice. We all also got to spend a few days as a family together at her bedside which made me feel really happy and I know she would have loved it if she was awake. The night before she left us there was probably a good 20 of us in the room with her, talking, laughing and remembering. I really am lucky to have such a great family. I have to drive past the road that goes to her place a lot, and I feel a little pang of sadness to know she isn't there in her chair, watching a crime drama dvd haha! So that has been on my mind the last few weeks, and I have been pretty down at times. I'm not sure why I'm even writing about this, but I think it helps to share sometimes?

Enough of that though, I know with my new job and Chrissy by my side we have some good things ahead. The other day we went to the park and he took a couple of pics of me on his phone. 99% of them I looked rigid and unimpressed, but I picked a few. I've kept them little to post on here, because the quality didn't come across very well, so hopefully next post we might be able to do some with Dad's cameraaaa. This dress is MinkPink, and I'm just loving the colour. I was afraid it might be a bit nanna-y as I approach old age (29 next month, WHUTTT) haha but it's also going to look cool with my Arnhem or Spell or Wandering Coyote boots (yes we all know my boot collection is a problem hahaha) and down the track I'll find a nice denim jacket to put with it because that is currently missing from my wardrobe!! The boots I am wearing are Ugo, I am afraid to say that you are unlikely to find them online, every time I searched it kept asking me if I meant Ugg... no I don't! Anyway, you guys know where to get the shweet shoes anyway, Django and Juliette and Eos have some beautiful ones if you're looking for ideas.

I've got my exam Tuesday, but hopefully have enough time to take a break from study on Monday and get some photos down at mum and dad's. Until then amigos,

Kaff xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Year Fresh Feelzz

Happy new year everybody! 2017!

Mine has gotten off to a fantastic start with having Chris's dad over from Wollongong. Now Chris is back at work, I've whipped home for another quick trip and I feel so stoked that I have the time to do that again now. Having said that, mum and dad are in the midst of renting out their other house and putting flooring down in the one they are in, so it is a bit hectic and we only had the chance for a couple of quick photos. 

I have had my eye on this Tulle and Batiste  dress for the longest time, and it has ticked all the boxes. Stunning print, gorgeous sleeves, POCKETS, and delivered in record time from one of their stockists, Marine and Co. I want more already eeek! I am headed home to Perth shortly to hopefully make a start on a big summer cleanout of my wardrobe. With Chris and I looking to move in together sometime soon I really need to cull quite a lot. My normal approach is to try not to think too much about it, and then it's in the charity bin before I can save it. In theory, it would be nice to work with - hasn't been worn in six months, it's gotta go- but I just can't bring myself to, you never know when I might need to try to squeeze into bright orange vintage hot pants ;D

Fingers crossed I will be able to get down again in the next few weeks to keep this baby updated, until then football franddds

Lots of love 

Friday, 23 December 2016

The Rural Juror


I have not been on my blog allll year, and for that I feel really sad.
I learnt a really big lesson about listening to my intuition in 2016, one I won't forget in a hurry. I took a job in February that turned out not to be for me, and I didn't listen to my intuition on leaving sooner. I pushed and I pushed and I tried to keep going, but it was at the cost of my mental health.

My brother got married in Kuala Lumpur in November, and after a couple of days in Singapore with the fam I decided to go on to Melbourne to make the most of my annual leave. The Friday I was there, I found myself at a bit of a loss on what to do, and the bright spark idea came to me, catch the train down to Mordialloc and check out Tierra Alma, a store I have been following on Instagram for a while now that stocks a lot of my very favorite brands.

I wandered in, and what should I hear but - "Kaffe?"
It was Hails, or as you may know her on Instagram as @fridayiminlovexo. I literally couldn't believe it, we have been following each other on Insty for years and here she was in the flesh! I fangirled so hard! Along with the gorgeous Vanessa (@crafturday) and Paula, the amazing woman behind Tierra Alma, we played dress ups and caught up on everything we'd seen about each other online. I left that afternoon feeling more refreshed and clear than I had felt in a long time. This was what I wanted, to spend time with inspiring women like this. To get back into my art and to revive my blog. To play dress ups and not shoot down every photo poor Chris would take of me.

(I was so damn excited hahaha)

I came home with choices to make, and the one I did has lead me back to working at shoe shop I was at before. And I am loving every minute of it. Shoes have always been my jam, and now I will be able to ease myself back into uni as well, something I had given up for the year.

I'm ready to jump into 2017 and I can't wait to share another year with Chris (who will probably be one of about three people who read this haha)
Chrissy snapped his Achilles in January, which took our lives this year on a bit of a different path to what we thought it would look like. But every step of the way he has been my absolute rock and I just bloody adore him. (Stahpp I'm getting a bit teary)
This year coming, I am manifesting for us so many adventures, to places we haven't been before (Vietnam in Feb woooo!) and places we have (Byron of course, and my other love Yamba!) finding a place together, and then by the end of next year I hope we will be ready to make the jump to moving to the east coast.

If you have managed to get this far in my novel, applause!! I hope to be able to make more time for my friends and family in 2017. To not be too busy, to slow down and to ask them to go for walks or to call the people I love so dearly that I don't live close to. Thank you all for surrounding me with love this year.

I think that is enough out of me for now, so here are some selfies/pics of me getting around in my new Spell dress, Lack of Color hat (that I won, wooooo) and Wandering Coyote boots that I am absolutely obsessed with even though it has been like 35 degrees lately... This is at my sissy's new house, which looks almost identical to the other one except now there is a turkey called Kevin living next door. I will endeavor to include him next time hehehe!

Look out for me in the new year, I am going to try my very hardest to post more regularly, and I have a gorgeous Tulle and Batiste dress on the way so that shouldn't be too hard!

                                   Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Years franddds!

                                                                     Lots of love,


Monday, 26 October 2015

I know I say it all the time...

But I think this is my favorite Spell piece, EVER! I am well aware that my blog has spiralled into Spell only lately, but I just can't help myself! (I am hoping to turn this around when I get a new piece from Nine Lives Bazaar though :D ) in the meantime, here I am again. In more Spell, being as awkward as ever and loving every minute of it hahaha. Apologies for all the pics but I love this dress so much, if you're on the fence, it's a yes from me. I picked up a medium because I like things to be a little bigger and it is perfect :) I'm taking a road trip at the beginning of December from Sydney to Brisbane and this is definitely coming with me!! Driving from Sydney to Brisbane and dropping in on Byron for two nights, I just cannot wait to get back. Dropping in on my favorite stores and then finishing up with a few cocktails at Miss Margarita are top of the list!


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Kiss the Sky


Hi! I've had a super busy couple of months, and I am in the middle of exams, anddd my face wasn't really doing the right thing by me in most of these photos as usual, but I couldn't not share. This Kiss the Sky mini by Spell has probably got to be one of my fave Spell pieces ever. I'm always a bit iffy on getting short dresses because somehow I have a long body and quite long legs, so they are always really short on me, but I broke my rule and I'm glad I did! Also, I got these boots about four years ago secondhand in Byron and then when I came back to WA they went missing in the cave that is our house right up until yesterday. I had been searching high and low for them and then all of a sudden I walk into my dad's work room and they are there in plain sight! They remind me of the most random night that I had with my two friends Jess and Belle in Brunswick Heads. One of my favorite places in the whole world :D I am off to the wedding of one of my very good friends today so I have to go get ready (read: cry like a baby, happy tears) but hopefully I will be back very shortly to bring you some more of my pasty unedited legs and loyal dogs hehehe